B1 visa is issued for the following purposes:

  1. Commercial talks and negotiation
  2. Export and import affairs
  3. Visiting commercial sites and places
  4. Investment
  5. Employment affairs
  6. Short term professional missions

Issuing this kind of visa takes at least 3 months and for the first time it takes 6 months.


B2 visa is issued for the following purposes:

  1. Visiting family and friends
  2. Medical care
  3. attending conferences and short term courses according to job and education of applicants
  4. attending  international fairs
  5. visiting educational or sport sites.
  6. Taking part in humanitarian programs


Required documentation:

1) Giving evidence including your intent and purpose to visit America which cover the followings:

  • Visiting family
  • Medical care
  • Visiting or attending commercial, official, investment meeting or professional interview
  • Taking part in relevant conferences and scientific forums
  • Participating humanitarian and human rights program in the United States

2) Giving time schedule of the career or recreation

3) having the passport and copy of first page and the  previous visa pages of the U.S.A. or other countries and copy of important subject written such arrival or departure sign

4) Giving evidence of financial ability or anyone who can support you

5) Showing financial account & the balance of it and giving evidence showing your monthly income

6) Giving reason that shows you intend to depart U.S.

  • Professional dependence to companies or organizations
  • Off times, employment evidence, personal profession, establishing company documentation, employee’s quantity, tax documentation and….
  • Your residence or commercial documentation
  • Religious dependence to your own country
  • Social or cultural tie such as membership of a group

7) showing tickets of arrival and departure


How to Apply ?